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Why SAFe LPM Certification is Essential for Lean Portfolio Managers?

“Lean Portfolio Management in SAFe is the bridge between strategy and execution, enabling organizations to align their investments with their strategic objectives.” – Dean Leffingwell, Creator of SAFe.

The growing implementation of Lean Portfolio Management methodology grows the need for professionals who are competent enough to manage the process in an organization. Just as navigating through a dense forest becomes easier and more efficient with a knowledgeable guide, the implementation of the Lean Portfolio Management process becomes effective with a skilled and efficient team.

While a Lean Portfolio Manager is not a direct member of an Agile team, they play an important role in Agile organizations. They work closely with the agile teams to oversee and optimize portfolios. They are also responsible for facilitating coordination, removing bottlenecks, and looking after the effective implementation of agile practices at the portfolio level.

So, if you are planning to become a portfolio manager or interested in learning about Lean Portfolio Management methodology, it is advisable to join a Lean Portfolio Management course.

Wondering how SAFe LPM training can assist you in your journey? Well, in this article we are about to discuss how SAFe LPM training is essential for Lean Portfolio Managers. Have a look!

The role of Lean Portfolio Managers in aligning portfolios with strategic goals

Do you think a basic understanding of the SAFe framework, principles, and practices of Lean Portfolio Management is enough to lead a portfolio management process in a large organization?

Portfolio Management is a new way of managing an organization’s portfolios of projects. It involves the alignment of strategy and execution. This is vital for a business, as it is something that executives fail to achieve. And the consequences of shortcomings can be harmful to businesses.

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The Lean Portfolio Management process arises from the general concept of Lean principles such as the elimination of waste. In the SAFe framework, anything that does not add value to the client is considered ‘waste.’ And the reduction of such waste can be achieved by reducing task switching, relearning, and leaving no work partially done. So, to finish the tasks more quickly and address the resulting defects, companies must have experts to lead the management process with a holistic approach. And these experts are Lean Portfolio Managers. They are trained professionals with Lean Portfolio Management Certification.

Let’s learn the tasks taken care of by Portfolio Managers in an organization.

Collaboration with Leaders and Stakeholders

Prioritize and allocate investments

Lean-Agile Governance

Portfolio operations


The Need for LPM Certification

The SAFe Lean Portfolio Management certification is essential for Lean Portfolio Managers in several ways:

Understanding of LPM

SAFe Lean Portfolio Management training program provides a basic understanding of the principles, practices, tools, and techniques involved in LPM methodology. This program equips Lean Portfolio Managers with the required skillsets to effectively align the strategy and the execution in an organization.

Portfolio Management skills

The ability to implement Lean-Agile practices, lean thinking to portfolio operations, and maintaining the flow of value is some crucial duties of a Portfolio Manager. And LPM certification course covers all the important topics to equip Portfolio Managers with the necessary Portfolio Management skills.

Lead the Agile Transformation

As many organizations are adopting the SAFe methodology, the SAFe LPM Training program prepares the candidates with the Agile mindset and practices. With the right mindset and knowledge about the process, Portfolio Managers effectively lead the transformation of traditional approaches into Agile portfolio operations.

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Agility and Adaptability

SAFe LPM Certification highly encourages organizational agility. So, the candidates with LPM certification can dynamically adjust pivot strategies and investment decisions to drive competitive advantages.

Certification credibility

As SAFe LPM certification is widely recognized and encouraged in the agile community at large, candidates holding the certificate experience career advancement opportunities. This also demonstrates their commitment to the profession and their knowledge of Lean Portfolio Management and industry best practices.

Opportunity to connect

With the completion of the certification program, the candidates are then provided access to the community of certified professionals, practitioners, and thought leaders in the industry. Interacting with other professionals can enrich knowledge sharing and encourage continuous learning.

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