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What are the Top 10 Surprising Facts About Twilio? Everything You Need to Know

Sapna parashar

Twilio is an all-in-one communication-leading platform that allows you to perform a variety of conversations from a single source. The categories of conversation you may perform are audio & video calls, SMS, MMS, emails, and other messaging services.

Apart from this, It enables developers to bring any other application’s feature into their own just by integrating both applications & making them bi-directional. Hence, today we’ll be aware of “The Top 10 Facts of Twilio Platform”.

  1. Global Reach:
    Twilio platform is running in more than 180 countries and has over 3 trillion interactions a year. The vast presence of the Twilio platform makes it a global communication software application.
  2. Uber’s Secret Sauce:
    Twilio is also a popular platform when it comes to its reliability and scalability this is because it has been used by Uber. (Uber) the ride-sharing application took the feature of Twilio for sharing its SMS notifications globally.
  3. WhatsApp Integration:
    As WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, Twilio offers the feature to get integrated with WhatsApp business by providing API. Hence, the users of the Twilio platform are able to engage with their audience & customers from WhatsApp directly.
  4. Video Integration:
    Beyond text and voice, Twilio offers the functionality of video integration. For example, In COVID-19 pandemic it have bee seen a surge in telehealth applications that heavily rely on Twilio Twilio platforms for their Video performance.
  5. IoT Connectivity:
    Within the Twilio platform, you are allowed to develop innovative IoT solutions. This is because the narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) functionality of Twilio platforms offers low-cost & low-power connectivity for IoT devices.
  6. Flex Contact Center:
    Twilio Flex offers a highly customizable contact center feature that allows businesses to build tailored customer service solutions. The tailor customer service solution is used by a majority of businesses such as Shopify.
  7. Flexible Pricing Plan:
    The Twilio Pricing plan is so flexible since here you’ve no need to pay for all operations instead you have to pay for what you use. This is because Twilio believes in “only pay for what you use”. That means if you used its SMS plan then you have to make payment only for its SMS plans instead of other communicating operations.
  8. Serverless Functions:
    With the Twilio platform developers are able to to develop streamlining applications since Twilio enables them to run serverless code in response to events
  9. Mass Notifications:
    As twilio offers bulk notifications functionality so it is the one platform that helped governments highly yet. During the COVID-19 crisis, Twilio contributed highly to sending mass notifications to people and keeping them safe.
  10. Innovative Hackathons:
    The Hackathons of the Twilio platform are so innovative that allow developers to create or invent useful communication solutions for various needs. That means the Twilio platform leads to a wide range of innovative applications.

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