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Top masala blend suppliers for restaurants and caterers

TPEC Spice Artists

The food service industry, also known as HoReCa, has a substantial demand for spice and masala powders. While this sector remains largely unorganized, many establishments still resort to grinding their own masala powders or relying on local mills. However, these practices are not advisable due to safety, quality, and regulatory concerns.

Obtaining an FSSAI license allows operators to serve food, but it does not necessarily grant permission to produce masala powders.

Fortunately, a few pioneering food service brands have left their mark in the restaurant segment by creating exceptional spice blends, marinades, and seasonings spanning various cuisines. These innovative blends encompass North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Arabic, grills, barbeque mixes, Tex Mex, and Chinese cuisine. Noteworthy examples include Spicy Marinade, Pizza Seasonings, and Peri Peri Seasonings, all crafted by HoReCa brands.

Distinguished brands like Custom Culinary from Griffith Laboratories, Spring Burst from VKL, Cusinary, Symega, and Masalachef from Peninsular Export Company are effectively catering to the growing needs of the food service industry.

Restaurants find several advantages in embracing HoReCa brands, such as standardizing products across branches and locations, optimizing cooking time, cost efficiency, enhancing labour productivity, and ensuring dish standardization. Utilizing HoReCa brands can lead to seamless operations and consistent quality in culinary offerings.

Notably, HoReCa brands directly serve restaurants, providing better support in terms of delivery, pricing, and receiving instant feedback from chefs. This direct partnership fosters a collaborative and efficient relationship, benefiting both parties in the food service industry.

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