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Discover Mysore with Self-Drive Car Rental Services

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Mysore, a city situated in the southern state of Karnataka in India, boasts an extensive cultural and historical heritage. The city is renowned for its exquisite places of interest, such as the Chamundeshwari temple and the Mysore Palace, along with its picturesque parks and gardens like the Brindavan gardens and the Mysore zoo. With Mysore lying approximately 150 km southwest of Bangalore, you can get there efficiently and promptly by car or bus. An ideal and economical way to navigate this city is by availing yourself of the services of a self-drive car rental company in Mysore.

You may find several car rental companies in Mysore that provide self-drive car rental services, but Royalpicks stands out as the best option. Typically, to rent a self-drive car, you need a valid driver’s license and to be at least 21 years old, although the conditions may vary depending on specific rental companies. Furthermore, you may have to furnish a credit card as a collateral and purchase insurance as part of the deal.