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SAP Sales & Distribution Program


The Eduvogue SAP Sales and Distribution Program provides in-depth training in sales and distribution processes within the SAP ecosystem. Participants gain expertise in optimizing sales operations, customer relationships, and logistics, paving the way for rewarding opportunities with global organizations. Upgrade your skills and seize success in SAP Sales and Distribution.


The Eduvogue SAP Sales and Distribution Program presents a multitude of advantages for professionals seeking to elevate their career prospects in the industry.


Key program features include:


Comprehensive SAP SD training with a strong emphasis on practical application and hands-on experience.


Enroll now in this program or email us at You  can equip yourself Engagement in real-world projets, enabling participants to develop an impressive portfolio of work.

cTargeted career preparation to facilitate swift integration into the job market.

Versatile learning options that cater to individual preferences, including online and offline classes.

Access to high-paying job opportunities with renowned international brands.

with valuable skills and knowledge, positioning them for success in the dynamic realm of SAP

Vashi, Navi Mumbai