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Personalized clinical care facility for Seniors in coimbatore

NNRC ELCA Way of Life

“Compassionate care for life”

Welcome to NNRC ELCA, where we help seniors live in Good times to discover the meaning of life. NNRC ELCA is a senior assisted living, transitional and palliative care center designed for living life to the fullest. Keeping in mind that each one of you is unique and requires different levels of care, we have curated customized services and programs to address all your needs. Our center has adept senior healthcare professionals who are willing and ready to be with your loved ones whenever they need help, for as long as they need.


NNRC ELCA focuses on rekindling the zest for life in seniors, keeping them engaged, active, and interested in all aspects of life. Our care and support do not stop with you, we actively involve your family members and update them about the welfare of their loved ones. Your search for the best senior care center ends here as everything you need to energize your body, mind, and spirit—it’s all here waiting for you.