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Partial and Full Dentures | Wheelock & Associates Dentistry

You might think that losing your teeth is the end of your smile, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Advancements to dental technology have made restorative treatments more effective and natural-looking than ever before. If you are ready to reclaim your smile, trust the Wheelock and Associates Dentistry team to deliver high-quality partial and full dentures in Sioux City.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices made to replicate the appearance and function of natural teeth. Although there are many denture designs, the most common are supported by the mouth’s soft and hard tissues and are removable. The two most popular dentures are:


Dentures are not just for people who have lost all their teeth. In cases in which just a few adjacent teeth are missing, your dentist might propose partial dentures. These can be removable or permanent (also known as dental bridges) and require existing teeth or dental implants to serve as anchors and stabilize the prosthetic.


These are probably what you envision when you think of dentures. Full dentures are a complete row of prosthetic teeth used to restore full function to your oral cavity. Removable dentures are the most common, but they can also be permanently bonded or clasped onto teeth or implants.