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Machinery Moving Companies | Machinery Riggers Near Me

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Moving Machinery
Safely & Efficiently

When it comes to machinery moving companies across the United States, Three Way Logistics has set the standard for secure, reliable, and efficient machinery moves for over six decades. Our services run the gamut from removal to transport to the final delivery of your unique capital assets. Our teams are based across the west coast and in Texas. We also work remotely across the country and onsite at our international locations.

Whether purchasing, selling, moving, or disposing of machinery or equipment, you can trust Three Way Logistics to create a custom rigging plan for your project.


What We Offer

  • US and International Project Support
  • Moisture and Climate Control
  • Installation Support
  • Site Inspection
  • Industry experts in semiconductor, medical, aerospace and energy



Hauling & Delivery


Three Way is a specialty hauler and inside delivery company. Heavy, sensitive, and oversized equipment and machinery pose numerous logistics problems to be moved safely. To move semiconductor, aerospace, and laboratory equipment in and out of facilities, machinery moving companies require expertise, experience, and specialized equipment to protect these sensitive assets during delivery or removal. Three Way Logistics has the experience and expertise to do the job right.

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Logistics Services
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