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Laser Dentistry

Penny Anderson

Improved Periodontal Health With Treatment From A Laser Dentist In Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Laser Dentistry Offers You An Attractive Alternative To Traditional Gum Surgeries.


The Importance Of Healthy, Beautiful Gums

Healthy, pink periodontal tissue is the foundation for a beautiful smile. Your gums not only serve as a barrier against decay and disease, but they also provide an esthetically pleasing frame for your teeth. Keeping your gum tissue healthy is an integral part of what we do, and when you need treatment, Dr. Paul Fotek, our laser dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, improves your oral health with advanced laser dentistry.

Laser Dentistry Treatments For Improved Oral Health

Peri-implantitis: Gum disease can still occur even when you have had your natural teeth replaced with dental implants. While implant maintenance is easy, you must always brush and floss regularly. When oral care is neglected, the tissue around the implant can become infected, requiring treatment to remove the bacteria and diseased tissue. Dr. Fotek is experienced in laser dentistry and uses the benefits of laser therapy to restore gum health around your implants, with greater comfort and convenience for you.

Laser crown lengthening: When treating a tooth that has been fractured, uncovering teeth roots has typically been performed with traditional surgery. Incisions in the gum tissue must be sutured closed during the procedure, leaving you with irritated, sensitive tissue. Laser dentistry helps you to avoid the pain of invasive surgery by removing tissue minimal or no incisions.

Laser frenectomy: A frenulum is a bit of tissue or muscle that can attach to the tongue, lip, or cheek, preventing you from properly eating or talking. A large frenum may also cause your teeth to spread apart or cause gum loss (recession). Dr. Fotek performs laser frenectomies to detach the frenulum, allowing the tissue to move freely. Incorporating laser dentistry into treatment prevents the need for incisions and stitches, which results in a more comfortable, speedier recovery.