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ip consulting firms near me

ip consulting firms near me
Copperpod provides intellectual property services such as technology research, prior art search, claim charts, source code review and analysis for patent infringement, patent invalidity and patent monetization.

What is a Prior Art Search?

An invention is eligible to receive a patent only if

It covers patentable subject matter

It is novel

It is not an obvious combination of pre-existing inventions

A prior art search (also called a patent search) reveals whether (or which portions of) the invention is truly novel and truly non-obvious, in light of all published literature (including patents, technical papers, products, manuals, and even university theses).

For new inventions, patent search helps you determine how likely is it that your invention (or portions thereof) will receive a patent. For existing patents, patent search helps you challenge their validity (for example, through an Inter Partes Review at the Patent Trial and Appellate Board).
Experts at Copperpod bring with them decades of patent search and patent litigation experience to help attorneys defend clients during patent infringement cases and evaluate patentability of new inventions. Our no-stone-unturned approach helps you not just find the perfect prior art, but also fully understand the state of the art. We also help invalidity experts understand, document and prepare their expert reports.

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