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Full-Dye Custom Sublimated Football Jackets In USA-EVO9X

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EVO9X is a well-known brand that creates high-quality custom football jackets in the USA. The company is known for its attention to detail and ability to create personalized jackets that meet the team’s needs. EVO9X’s full-dye custom sublimated football jackets are popular for teams looking to create a unique and unified look on the field.

  • Full Dye Jacket

The full-dye jacket is a popular choice for teams that want a jacket with a bold and vibrant design. It is created using a sublimation printing process, allowing a full-color design to be printed directly onto the fabric. This process ensures vibrant and long-lasting colors, even after multiple washes. Our jacket is made of lightweight, breathable material designed to keep players comfortable during games and practices. One of the benefits of the jacket is that it can be completely customized to meet the team’s needs. 

  • Full Dye 1/4 Zip Jacket

Our full-dye 1/4 zip jacket is perfect for a team looking for a customizable jacket that offers a unique look. This jacket features a 1/4 zip instead of a full front zip. This design allows easy on-and-off access and the ability to regulate body temperature during games and practices. We offer various design options, including team logos, player names, and numbers. It allows teams to create a jacket that not only looks great but also helps to promote team unity and pride.

  • Sideline Jacket

The football sideline jacket is essential to any team’s uniform, providing warmth and protection during cold weather games and practices. It is made from a durable, water-resistant material that helps to keep players dry and comfortable during games and practices. The jacket is available in various colors and sizes, making it easy for teams to create an outstanding look.


There are several reasons why custom football jackets are a better choice than generic options. First and foremost, they allow you to showcase your team’s identity and style by incorporating your colors, logo, and other design elements into the jacket. It is especially important for school or youth teams that want to build a sense of pride and unity among players, parents, and fans.

Customization Process

Our custom jackets are designed to be easy and convenient to order, with a simple step-by-step process that allows you to create a jacket tailored to your team’s needs and preferences. The following is an overview of our customization process:

Step 1: Choose Your Jacket Style – We offer a variety of jacket styles to select from, including traditional full-dye jackets, full-dye 1/4 zip jackets, and sideline jackets. You can also choose the materials and colors best suit your team’s style and needs.

Step 2: Add Your Team’s Logo – You can upload your team’s logo or choose from our library of pre-made designs to incorporate into the jacket. For a personalized touch, you can also add player names and numbers to the jacket.

Step 3: Choose Your Sizes – You can select the sizes and quantities of jackets you need for your team. We offer a range of sizes to accommodate players of all ages and body types.

Step 4: Review And Order – Once you have completed the customization process, you can review your design and place your order. Our team will then begin production on your custom sublimated jackets, ensuring they are delivered to you in a timely manner.

Materials And Features

We take pride in the quality of our jackets, which are made with high-performance materials and features designed to enhance the jacket’s durability, comfort, and performance. The following are some of the key materials and features we use:

  • Reinforced Seams And Zippers 

We use reinforced seams and zippers on our jackets to ensure they can withstand the wear and tear of football games and practices. It enhances the durability and longevity of the jacket, ensuring that it can be used season after season.

  • Breathable Materials 

Our jackets are made with breathable materials that allow air to circulate the body, regulating body temperature and preventing overheating or sweating.

  • Custom Fit 

The jackets are tailored to your team’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring that they provide a comfortable and snug fit. It allows players to move freely and comfortably on the field without being hindered by the jacket.

Personalized Design 

Our football jackets allow you to personalize the design with your team’s colors, logo, and other design elements. It creates a unique and distinctive look for your team and helps build a sense of pride and identity among players and fans.


EVO9X is a leading provider of full-dye custom football jackets in the USA. They offer several advantages over generic options, including personalized design, comfortable fit and comfort, durability and performance, and high-quality materials and features. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our jackets and are committed to ensuring that they meet the needs and preferences of your team.