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Developing the firmware and software applications required for the embedded/IoT product.

This step involves gathering and analyzing the requirements of the embedded/IoT product. It includes identifying the goals, functionalities, and specifications of the product based on user needs and market demands.

System Design: The system design phase focuses on creating the architectural design of the embedded/IoT product. It involves defining the system modules, component selection, and designing the overall structure of the product.

Hardware Development: In this step, the physical hardware components of the embedded/IoT product are designed and developed. This includes selecting and integrating various hardware components such as microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and communication modules.

Software Development: The software development phase involves developing the firmware and software applications required for the embedded/IoT product. This includes coding, testing, and integrating the software components to ensure proper functionality and performance.
Integration and Testing: This step focuses on integrating the hardware and software components of the embedded/IoT product. It includes testing the integrated system to ensure that all components work together seamlessly and meet the defined requirements.

Manufacturing and Production: Once the design and testing phases are complete, the product moves into manufacturing and production. This involves scaling up the production process, manufacturing the product, and performing quality control checks to ensure the final product meets the desired standards.

Deployment and Deployment Testing: The embedded/IoT product is deployed in the intended environment or market. This step includes installing the product, configuring it as needed, and conducting deployment testing to ensure it functions properly in the real-world setting.

Key Steps of Embedded/ IoT Product Development Life Cycle

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