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DENTAL IMPLANTS | Brawley Dental Clinic

Curtis Brawley

Dental implants can help you achieve a natural-looking smile. If you need to replace a single missing tooth, or even several, we offer services in dental implants to restore the look and function of your teeth.


Dental implants are small rods that serve as replacement tooth roots. They look a bit like screws and work much the same way. When you lose teeth over time, either due to dental trauma, an oral issue, or simply age, a dental implant can be surgically attached and fused to your jawbone.

The dentist then covers the implant with a dental crown, its shape and color custom made to replicate your natural teeth. After you have time to heal from the procedure, you’ll be able to chew easier, speak more clearly, and brush your teeth more effectively.

Dental implants function the same as your normal teeth, and as long as you keep up with a great routine for dental hygiene, your implants will last for several years!