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Rhys Hilman

Did you know that 85% of people will have back or neck pain at some point in life? But many people don’t know when it’s appropriate to consult a chiropractor or if a chiropractor will even be able to help to relieve their pain and fix the problem.

Finding a great chiropractor in the West Palm Beach, Florida area who is skilled in recognizing and repairing spinal problems is critical. At Palm Beach Health Center, spinal health is a significant part of what we do. Our experienced doctors can help you to improve your spinal alignment and motion to get you feeling and functioning better quickly.   Often, adding specific rehabilitative protocols needed for true spinal correction and nervous system optimization. We will also let you know when chiropractic is not the solution.

Hands-on and/or instrument-based adjustments of the spine and other joints are one of the key elements of care that we offer. These adjustments help us to treat the cause of your problems in both your musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Our team of accomplished Palm Beach Health Center chiropractors as well as our medical and nutritional team can also prescribe therapeutic and rehabilitative activities and dietary and lifestyle coaching to help your body’s natural healing process.