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Breast Cancer Emotional Support | Breast Cancer Community Oklahoma | Breast Cancer Care Package

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Whether you were diagnosed days ago or years ago, Project31 is here to offer our help during every phase of your experience. Our breast cancer emotional support resources and helpful services are available at no cost to you.


As a community, we want to help you heal the scars that breast cancer leaves on your heart. Because of this, Project31 offers financial scholarships for survivors, as well as their families, to attend professional counseling. One-on-one mentoring relationships are also available to those who would benefit from having someone walk with them through their personal battle with breast cancer. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, emotional support from people who truly understand what you are going through can have a meaningful and powerful impact on your journey. You can meet with others at different stages of their breast cancer experience through our weekly support groups. We provide a community of support, celebration, education, learning, and positivity through guest speakers and activities.


Our founder Sarah McLean and her husband, Steve, are available for your speaking engagements, including conferences, educational events, and corporate workshops. We encourage you to read more about Sarah, her story, and how her experience as a two-time cancer survivor led to her creating our breast cancer community Oklahoma. Please get in touch to learn more about booking Steve and Sarah for your next event.


The group at Project31 is all about talking, listening, sharing, learning, and laughing together… and finally, we’re recording! We have had great conversations about life experiences, helpful resources, breast cancer emotional support, and more with medical professionals, counselors, experts, and survivors of all ages and stages. We will be sharing our conversations with you as we jump on this ride we call the Pink Ribbon Roller Coaster. Check out our podcast, and YouTube Channel.



By keeping our services free, we are able to help women and their families restore their lives during and after breast cancer without the added stress of paying for our tools and resources. Project31 appreciates your help supporting our community, whether you visit our store to create a breast cancer care package for a loved one or donate to us directly

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