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ASH BLACK GRANITE FLAMED PAVING 600X600 PACK ( 16.90 m2 – 45 Slabs)

Indulge in the Ash Black Granite Stone to give your contemporary settings a touch of luxury. The dark-coloured background sports stunning pyrite flecks and quartz speckles. From a distance, it gives the appearance of a plain background, but on a closer look, the mineral deposits in different tones and patterns show up, giving it a spectacular look. When light strikes the mineral deposits, they reflect it in a beautiful sparkle. It is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. It goes through a flaming process in which slabs are blast torched at a high temperature to take an excellent polish. They find wide use in countertops, monuments, exterior and interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pools, and more. Each package contains 45 slabs of 900×600 dimensions and will cover an area of 16.90 m2.

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