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Are you looking for Electronic Batch Manufacturing Records and Batch Records ?

A batch manufacturing record serves as a comprehensive document, capturing the entire manufacturing history of a product batch. This terminology finds widespread application in the Pharmaceutical & Chemical industries and is a key reference in various pharmaceutical and food regulatory agency guidelines. According to the US Food and Drug Administration’s definition, a batch represents a specific quantity of a drug or material, intended to possess consistent characteristics and quality, adhering to defined limits. It is manufactured in a single production order during the same manufacturing cycle.

Batch Manufacturing Records

Batch Manufacturing Records play a crucial role in ensuring the attainment of quality standards and meeting regulatory requirements. These essential documents typically encompass pertinent information pertaining to various aspects of product batch manufacturing, including:


  • Commencement and completion dates of the manufacturing process.
  • A comprehensive list of all materials used, along with their respective quantities.
  • Inventory of packaging materials utilized in the process.
  • Detailed description of each step in the manufacturing process, including the corresponding completion times.
  • Identification of the responsible person’s initials at each stage.
  • Documentation of all in-process checks, along with their outcomes.
  • Reference to any equipment used during the manufacturing.
  • Batch yield and reconciliation data.
  • Any deviations or variations encountered during the process.
  • Information related to Quality Control measures and assessments.


The Batch Manufacturing Records are often presented in an instructional format, allowing operators to input processing details as needed. It is of utmost significance to furnish the required information in the designated sections of these records.


During vital procedures like raw material weighing, an additional individual is required to verify calculations, confirm material identities, and endorse the Batch Manufacturing Records.


Furthermore, a unique batch number is assigned to each production batch and is clearly indicated on the corresponding Batch Manufacturing Record.

Every batch is assigned a unique number, which is clearly indicated on the Batch Manufacturing Record.


The Batch Manufacturing Records are required to the following guidelines:


  • Readable
  • Enduring
  • Precise
  • Authentic
  • Signed


Every correction and deviation must be documented and approved in the Batch Manufacturing Records.

Mandates the inclusion of specific information in a Batch Manufacturing Record. The details that must be documented are as follows:

  • The identity of the dietary supplement or dietary ingredient used in the manufacturing process.
  • The quantity of each component used.
  • A statement of the actual income and percentage of theoretical income.
  • A description of the packaging and labeling process used.
  • Documentation of any product specifications established to ensure the quality of the finished product.
  • Written procedures for the calibration of instruments, if applicable.
  • Written procedures for the manufacturing process and control of each batch.
  • Documentation of the reevaluation of any manufacturing process that is not controlled by the specifications.
  • Documentation of the review and approval of any deviation from the batch record, including the reason for the deviation and the signature of the individual responsible for the decision.
  • Documentation of the date and time of the signature of the person responsible for the manufacturing operation and the quality control unit.


Ensuring that these specific pieces of information are included in the Batch Manufacturing Record is crucial for compliance with FDA regulations and maintaining product quality and safety.

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