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Affordable LASIK Cost In Delhi: Lowest Cost Estimates Revealed

Lasik Delhi
Affordable LASIK Cost In Delhi: Lowest Cost Estimates Revealed

LASIK Cost In Delhi

The cost of LASIK in Delhi depends upon a variety of factors that causes high variations of the cost at various centers. The cost may range from Rs. 18,000 per eye to Rs. 36,000 of rupees depending upon the technology involved in performing LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery is also a surgery and thus high standards of hygiene and safety protocols are required.

A one-time cost of LASIK surgery in more economical in the long run as compared to recurring costs of glasses and contact lenses.

Those centers which use old technology and do not follow minimum safety guidelines and hygiene have low cost as compared to those centers who follow the protocols. The cost also depends upon the experience of the LASIK surgeon and the success rate. Follow-up visit charges and medications also add up to the overall cost. While choosing the LASIK surgeon, the patient should consider various other variables such as dedication of the surgeon and success rate along with the cost factor.

Following are the factors affecting the cost of LASIK surgery


The type of technology used for LASIK surgery has a significant impact on the cost of surgery. Bladeless lasik (femtolasik) is costlier as compared to micrpkeratomelasik (blade lasik). SMILE lasik technology is even further costlier as it is flapless offering advantages over the conventional lasik technology.

Experience of surgeon

Experience of surgeons can be taken in context to efficacy and minimum side effects. More experienced the surgeon is, the cost may increase.


The frequency of positive outcome of the surgery also plays an important role in deciding the cost. The eye care centre with a consistent success rate may charge more as compared to others.

Quality of service

Quality of service, infrastructure, and technology also add to the final cost. Quality of service should be consistent and the management should be dedicated to providing quality service to the patient.

Patient care

Patient care and satisfaction is a primary factor. Centres that have international standards of patient care before, during and after the surgery may charge more as compared to those centres. BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is a NABH accredited which is the highest standard in the country for patient safety and quality of care.

Consider the below points while choosing your surgeon

Ambiguous claims and discounts

Refrain from those eye care centres which are promoting themselves by ambiguous claims and heavy discounts. These are only methods to attract patients without giving adequate quality.

Lack of comprehensive information

Avoid those surgeons whose information is not available in detail. You should analyze the education, experience, and testimonials from authentic websites to find more about the surgeon.

Lack of confidence in the surgeon

Do not undergo LASIK surgery just for the sake of having it. This may lead to serious complications. If you are not confident about the surgeon you have chosen, do not go for surgery. Initiate your search from scratch and search until you find the best because you deserve the best.

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