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A small Brief about Lightning, Lightning Arresters & Lightning Protection Systems

True Power Earthings Limited

Lightning Arresters and Lightning Protection Systems have come a long way in the last two centuries since Benjamin Franklin discovered lightning in 1772 that lightning was a powerful lightning discharge and is electricity. On a stormy night with the help of his metallic kite which acted as a metallic rod, he discovered the lightning.


What is Lightning?


Lightning is a natural phenomenon of electrostatic discharge between two electrically charged bodies in the atmosphere.


Lightning, otherwise, is formed by the occurrence of lightning bolts which are electrostatic discharges through the atmosphere in two different regions. These regions could be either in the atmosphere or one region could be in the atmosphere, and another could be on the ground. Lightning may happen either in a single cloud or two different clouds or between a cloud and the ground.


What is a Lightning Strike?


When lightning takes place between a cloud and the ground it is termed as a Lightning Strike.


Here, we are about to inform you about both Lightning Arresters, Conventional Lightning Arresters, and ESE Lightning Arresters along with reasons for why they have become so important, rather a must to go for nowadays.



Why do we need Lightning Arresters, and Lightning Protection Systems?


Lightning Arresters and Lightning Protection Systems have become a must for every facility, no matter whether it’s a home, office, factory, institution, hospital, data centre, monument, etc.


Lightning strikes, though sounds exciting and amazing, are hazardous and deadly, at times, when they strike objects, ground, structures, flora or fauna, or even human lives.


We as humans have no control over this natural phenomenon. We can neither stop it nor prevent it. But we can for sure safeguard ourselves from it. We can take precautions and install Lightning Protection Systems on our part to protect ourselves, our near ones and dear ones, our homes, facilities, and other structures from this deadly lightning.


And here is exactly where the Lightning Arresters and the Lightning Protection Systems enter our lives. We have to become responsible for protecting ourselves and our properties from lightning and just cannot walk away blaming lightning as a natural disaster. We need to talk to some Lightning Protection System Experts and get installed Lightning Protection System at all our facilities and important places to safeguard our interests.


What are the different types of Lightning Protection Systems available in the market?


There are 2 different types of Lightning Protection Systems available in the market.


1) Conventional Lightning System

2) ESE Lightning System


What is a Conventional Lightning Protection System?


Conventional Lightning Systems are traditional Lightning Protection Systems used in earlier days. They have a GI, Aluminium, or Copper Lightning Arrester with 1 to 5 spikes which are mounted at the highest place of the area we want to protect. These Lightning Arresters are connected to the ground earthing network via a down conductor to dissipate the lightning strike’s Lightning current to the ground immediately before allowing it to do any damage to either a life or property.


These Conventional Lightning Arresters are effective and reliable but fail on two major counts. One they protect a very small area of up to 10-meter radius and second, they act only when lightning exactly strikes over them. In case the Lightning strikes at some other area in the near vicinity these conventional lightning arresters are of no use and cannot provide any sort of protection.


What is an ESE Lightning Protection System?


ESE Lightning Protection Systems are Modern protection systems and employ ESE Lightning Arresters rather than conventional Lightning Arresters.


The ESE Lightning Arresters are commonly known as Early Streamer Emission Lightning Arresters. These Arresters work on Early Streaming Principle that is whenever they encounter some stormy/cloudy weather they start emitting a stream of ions which move upwards and attract the lightning-down leader at a very early stage to ground it directly to the earthing network via the ESE Lightning Arrester emitting these ions and the down conductor connecting the arrester to the earthing network.


Which is better Conventional Lightning Arrester or ESE Lightning Arrester?


ESE Lightning Arresters are no doubt far superior to conventional lightning arresters on many counts from a wider range of protection to flawless functioning, and from long service life to cost-effectiveness.


These ESE Lightning Protection Systems have a wide range of protection and are available in several different protection ranges from 35-meter to 107-meter radius.


The ESE Lightning Arresters are fast to act and are independent of any lightning strike to strike over them to invoke their functioning. They are fast, reliable and effective in comparison to Conventional lightning arresters.


True Power manufactures World-Class Conventional and ESE Lightning Arresters and designs Lightning Protection Systems in compliance with National & International Standards (IS/IEC 62305, NBC 2016 and IEC 62561 series, NFC 17-102). True Power provides complete services of Lightning Protection from site survey to site inspection, from designing to installing, and from testing to commissioning. The entire Lightning Protection System is designed on Latest Computer Software exclusively designed for the purpose of keeping in account all the laid national and international lightning protection standards.


Talk to our Experts Today to lead a Safe, Secure, and Confident life.